Workplace Week Convention 2016

This year’s Workplace Week Convention will take place on Wednesday 16th November

08.30am – St Helen’s – 1 Undershaft, London EC3P 3DQ

The Cognitive Athlete


Maximising the individual and collective brainpower of every person on the payroll must now be top priority of FM, Real Estate, HR and IT professionals as organisations increasingly rely on their ‘knowledge professionals’ to deliver business results.
The brain is becoming the new unit of economic production. Concentrating, memorising, recalling, planning, communicating, collaborating and creating are the new ‘DNA’ of work. And as artificial intelligence decimates process roles over the coming years the reliance on knowledge professionals will only increase.

So, designing and managing the workplace to improve human performance is becoming a clear priority, balanced against the need to maximise asset performance of the workplace.

At this year’s Convention, with contributors from the worlds of sport, neuroscience, business and Workplace Management we’ll be asking….

  • How does the brain really work and what can we do to make it work better individually and collectively?
  • What are the factors that make the biggest difference to the performance of the brain?
  • How can we manage the workplace to increase organisational brainpower and what programmes could we put in place to make a difference to brainpower?
  • What can we learn from the world of sport that we can use in business?
  • How do we go about creating a ‘cognitive culture’?
  • How do we re-balance measurement to tell us how well we’re doing in creating the right workplace conditions for peak cognitive performance?

tn-karenplum-120Our Convention provides a rich cocktail of stimulating discussions from business and workplace leaders, the latest research on matters workplace, detailed case studies and a group exerciseS designed to help you to shape your thinking and translate your ideas into reality. It’s all delivered in a relaxed light hearted style and great value at just £300 with funds going to BBC Children in Need.
Your compere for the day will be Karen Plum: Director of Research & Development for AWA  Find out more about Karen here

The list of speakers is being published as we speak!

Keep an eye on the convention page and our twitter feed to learn about who will be speaking.. You will not want to miss out.