To those of you thinking “Chiswick Park – that’s miles away!’”… “Miles away” (only five) from the comfort zone of the city centre maybe, but it’s a thousand miles closer to the workplace so many of us aspire to create and experience. A workplace that prioritises life in ‘work-life’.

Jump on the District line to Chiswick Park or Gunnersbury tube stop and you’re there (14 stops from Monument to be exact).

Workplace Week 2017: Chiswick Park

The management company responsible for the award-winning workspace campus, neatly tucked in the leafy London ‘burbs, is named after its own philosophy and attitude: ‘Enjoy Work’. And in the first few minutes of entering the gates to the Willy Wonka wonder-land of West London, it’s evident to see that that this team doesn’t muck about when it comes to walking the walk.

Every box has been ticked when it comes to making their philosophy a reality, for the 6,000+ people who work there.

Home to more than 50 of the world’s leading companies, including Discovery, Foxtons, Paramount, Danone, Pepsico, Vue and Starbucks, the campus (a stone’s throw from either tube station) has achieved city chic with an authentic village atmosphere.

There’s a buzz in the air. The feeling of a thriving community, with people who – get this! – are HAPPY to be there. And there’s no need to ask why. (Cue Blur anthem ‘Park Life’).

Aside from the immaculately kept and sustainable green site, and premier, multi-award winning office space spanning 11 buildings (1,466,000 square foot), employees (and their families, who are welcome and encouraged to be on site) have an endless choice of restaurants, bars, leisure facilities, a large events-plaza, a programme of sports and entertainment clubs and classes, not to mention on-site beauty treatments. The only dilemma is deciding how best to spend a lunch hour? Not such a dilemma when you’re able to mull it over with a Starbucks coffee overlooking the central lake surrounded by landscaped grounds…

Enjoy Work have certainly achieved the aspirational when it comes to workspace design and innovation. Holding true to their beliefs that people who enjoy work are more productive and loyal, they’ve taken smart, creative steps to move the ‘life’ side of ‘work-life balance’ from the home to the workplace.

Hence why there’s hardly a design, construction, workplace, environmental or health related award that Chiswick Park has not won over the last 10 years. It’s just a great example of getting things right.

So for those of you keen to see a great example of ‘life-work balance’ in action (and don’t mind maxing out your Oyster in support of Children in Need) join our private tour of Chiswick Park on Thursday 16 November at 10:30am-12noon.

It’s well worth going the extra mile to experience Park Life!

Tickets available here.