Visit the Digital Garage that nailed change for traditional business

When you imagine the workspace of one of the world’s leading insurance giants, I’m quite sure brick walls, a car turn-table, a library space and vintage posters aren’t the first things to come to mind – but join us for a private tour of Aviva’s Digital Garage during Workplace Week 2017, and you might see the insurance business in a whole new light

Complementing its’ city slick, high-rise HQ at St Helens, 1 Undershaft, the FTSE 100 global insurance leader (and the ultimate pioneers in workplace transformation) grabbed the headlines in 2015 for launching a dedicated digital space – a Digital ‘Garage’ if you will.

And rightly named. Not only because of its past-life as a former working car-garage, but two years on and this place has certainly harnessed the tools to transform an industry, hammer in change – and nail it.

Workplace Tour: Aviva Digital Garage - workplace week - advanced workplace associates - bbc children in need - uk - london

Going against the grain of traditionalism, the Digital Garage (designed in 2015 by HLW – inspiring launches in Toronto and Singapore) paved the way for a new era of digital innovation in an industry less known for its digital fleek, as part of a multi-million pound strategy to transform Aviva into a serious fintech contender.

The workplace’s trendy location in the heart of London’s vibrant Hoxton in the East End, was originally considered a bold move away from the more traditional culture of the industry, but supported Aviva and it’s passion and ambition to create an environment that would be conducive to forward-thinking innovation and creativity.

The Aviva HQ is a place to develop and explore innovative ideas and turn them into real-life, personalised, multi-platform financial products and services. To make insurance more of a ‘nudge purchase’ than a ‘grudge purchase’.

This place is geek-chic at its very best. Ultra-modern. Super-smart. Brilliantly agile and far more than just a building – it’s a digital hub where the best brains develop the best ideas and make them happen.

Workplace Tour: Aviva Digital Garage - workplace week - advanced workplace associates - bbc children in need - uk - london

The modern, open-plan space – complete with the latest software, digital tools and city-chic furnishings – creates an unrivalled and personalised opportunity for employees from all corners of the business (including frontline staff, IT and technical specialists and creative teams) to share ideas, spearhead product innovation and development, develop the latest technologies, and turn ideas into real-life financial products and services.

And if the reports are true, they’re not stopping there, with AI and big data high on their investment agenda for 2018 and beyond.

So if you’re seeking inspiration to explore opportunities to marry the non-traditional with the traditional, this is a great place to start.

Join us for an exclusive tour of 33-35 Hoxton Square on Tuesday 14 November at 16:00-17:00 (11minutes from Bank tube station / 20 minutes from Piccadilly Circus).

Tickets available here.

No insurance needed. Aviva’s Digital Garage sets the standard when it comes to making transforming an industry from the inside out.aviva -workplace week-advanced workplace associates - bbc children in need - uk - london